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MNDESTROYER   A classic by Berlin

Living with Motor Neurone Disease – One Day at a Time

Hi, I'm Mark and I'd like to welcome you to my blog site. 

My Brother Andrew: Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Bands

Fighting Progressive Bulbar Palsy A type of Lou Gehrig's Disease

The Rambling Man of ALS was diagnosed in 2004, and continues to be challenged by ALS. "In my life I have had my share of dark days, but none darker than Jan., 2004, the day that three letters changed my life."

Patrick the incurable optimist

Dying to Live

Professor Mark Cato, 75, launched his online diary last year after being diagnosed with the muscle-wasting terminal illness.

John Saunders Motor Neurone Disease - John Saunders - My Blog
He has motor neurone disease. And he is trying to raise money to help other people get better.

Finally diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in February of 2008. Neil and Louise started writing this blog in July 2008 to keep all of their ...

Benjamin Revell - Understanding Motor Neurone Disease - My Blog


Living with Motor Neurone Disease | dimmi's Blog

Within one week I was given a definite diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS). I was told it is a terminal and progressively disabling ...


New Test for Motor Neuron Disease Developed in Australia - Nature

If you've ever seen a documentary about or involving such famous people as Stephen Hawking and Lou Gehrig, you know what the affects of ...

 People with MND

PHOTO 1999

Stephen Hawking is a world renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He has a motor neuron disease related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Flinders News > Blog Archive > Fresh hope for motor neurone disease

13 Mar 2012 – Awarded by the Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia, the Roth Foundation MND Research Grant will assist researchers Dr ...

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